Massage Modalities Series

Massage Modalities Series Intro: Do You Know What You're Asking For?


A large part of our job as massage therapists is being able to figure out what a person really wants out of their treatment when they request a certain type or modality of massage therapy.   We do this by asking a lot of questions.  We observe your posture and movement before the treatment begins and how your tissues move and react during the massage.  We also monitor your responses throughout the treatment to gauge appropriate pressure, technique and level of comfort.  


As a client, you will get the best massage by being honest and upfront with your massage therapist.  Table too warm?  Let us know, the temperature is adjustable.  Pressure too hard or not hard enough?  That is easily remedied, let us know immediately.    Is an area that we are adressing making you feel uncomfortable or unsettled?  All this feedback offers both of us new and important information about how your particular body (because everybody's body is different) is reacting to the treatment.  In our experience, both the massage client and the practitioner want excellent outcomes!  


Some clients have particular outcomes in mind when requesting a certain modality of massage: you want to feel a certain way during and/or after your treatment, i.e. you want to feel "relaxed", "less-stressed"or like you "got something out of it" (apparently what we want out of a massage, and what we want out of life might be the same thing) OR you want a particular range of motion to be restored OR you want to be able to recruit more strength from a particular set of muscles OR maybe you just generally want to move gracefully, with less pain and more ease (and hey, don't we ALL?).


This is the introduction of our Massage Modalities Series.  We'll be covering a wide range of treatment options to include: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Cupping Massage, Prenatal Certified Massage, Positional Release Technique, Manual Lymph Drainage and Medical Massage.  We'll be discussing each of these specific modalities in depth because we want you to walk into our office armed with the knowledge to be able to ask for and recieve exactly what you want out of your massage treatment and it helps when we're all using the same terms  :-)  


Your partner in wellness,


Remedy Massage owner and therapist,

Lyndsey Anderson  NC LMBT#9382


Remedy Massage is a privately-owned, therapeutic massage therapy practice in Raleigh, NC.  Contact us by phone at 919-263-0932 by email at or book online through Massagebook to schedule your appointment.  We look forward to meeting and working with you!  


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