Restorative Exercise™


How we move or don't move and how often we move or don't is directly linked to our health. 


Many diseases and ailments that are commonly thought of today as part of the normal process of aging are in fact, caused by the mechanical forces and environment we've subjected our bodies to over a lifetime.  


Think of it this way: if your knee developing arthritis is a part of the "normal" aging process, why did only ONE knee wear out?  Did they not age at the same pace?  


If osteoporosis is simply a dietary problem, then why does it not affect ALL bones in the body?  Instead, it tends to show up in specific places: namely the wrists, head of the femur (hips) and spine.


Both of these instances lead us to think that perhaps the WAY we are using and moving our bodies also affects the long-term well being of our tissues.


Restorative Exercise™ is a system of natural movement and corrective exercise based upon biomechanical principles that help with issues such as back pain, foot pain, osteoporosis, pelvic floor disorder, joint pain, and even cardiovascular disease.


With Restorative Exercise™ you will focus on quality as well as quantity of movement and begin to think about how you are using your body the other 23 hours of the day that you aren't "working out".  We might argue that those "other" hours are more important than you think.


Lyndsey Anderson has completed the Whole Body Alignment course and is awaiting the next available RES certification week.  She is currently able to share the portions of Restorative Exercise™ that are within her scope of practice as a LMBT practicing in NC and she will happily refer you to a fully certified RES-CPT if you require further assistance.  


For more information, check out the Restorative Exercise Institute

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