Short answer: Yes, please. Long Answer: Yes, please. Massage is great. You know this. But it’s not always a great idea. As cold and flu season approaches again, it’s important that you know when it may be necessary to cancel your appointment.

Perhaps you've racked your brain for something to get for your spouse, significant other, mother or father-in-law, parents, siblings, friends, pastor, teacher etc and nothing sounds quite good enough. Consider giving them the gift of massage gift certificates from...


Massage for Pain Relief

If you're in pain, what can you expect from massage? Will you get better right away? How often should you get massage for pain relief?


All excellent questions!  Massage is rarely a matter of "fixing." If you come in with back pain that's been getting progressively wor...

Sitting, is it killing you?  Check this guy out, he's handsome and hardworking!  Also of note: he is sitting with his hips bent at 90 degrees, his knees bent at 90 degrees, his tailbone tucked (way. way) under, his chest is collapsed and his head leaning far forward fr...


Swedish Massage: Some History


Swedish massage, sometimes also referred to as relaxation massage is the Western massage modality that most others stem from.  By "Western" I mean that it is based on the western principles of anatomy and physiology of the body as opposed...

Massage Modalities Series Intro: Do You Know What You're Asking For?

A large part of our job as massage therapists is being able to figure out what a person really wants out of their treatment when they request a certain type or modality of massage therapy.   We do this...

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Last-Minute Gift Idea: Massage Gift Certificates from Remedy Massage

December 22, 2016

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